i am LAME.... LOL...

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i am LAME.... LOL...

Post  Advance on Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:05 pm

well i have read all of the post from my app. though it gave me some nerves well it's ok. i don't have to be mod. or admin. or anything. i just wanna join your team and maybe give out more ideas making your igunz. that's all but all of a sudden i am not loyal. and Perfect example of fail with a side dish of lame. WELL. go ahead say what you want to me. i don't care. look dude. just because you got there in THEIR TEAM does'nt mean you to be so rude for us APPLICANTs. your bullshit dude.. if i were tiger ill kick your ass from our team. that's all. thank you all. ULTIMATEMAGI is really nice to me though i'm not in the team. that's what you call a VERY GOOD STAFF. t.y. ulitmatemagi for helping me alot. bigtime. well i'll just play your game and rate it.

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