ricpeas' GameMaster's Application

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ricpeas' GameMaster's Application

Post  ricepeas on Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:07 pm

GameMaster Format:

In-Game Name:(going to be, when the server goes up) ricepeas

Name: Rhys (pronounced Reece)that is why my nickname is rice

MSN: rice-peas@hotmail.com

Location:Barbados, West Indies(the Caribbean)

Time Zone:GMT-4

Languages spoken:English,a small amount of Spanish and im learning Japanese

Activity Time:Well it ranges from day to day but approximately: 9am-1pm(on non school days, 4pm-9pm(school days)


What I can do for the server: Well i can help spread the word of this new private server Gunz to my friends down here that play with me. And i will try and bring some of my clan from DRgunz and IJJI over to this server(but it is going to be hard beacause some of them stopped playing). Also i will go on IJJI and bring people over.

Why I should be hired: I think i should be hired beacause i have been playing gunz for about a year now and i have been on alot of different types of gunz, and have seen how other GMs run their private servers, and have seen how dedicated and patient you have to be with some people and u have to be willing to help people.

What are you going to do to improve the community?: As i said above i will help find hackers, bugs glitches, etc. i will help bring people over to this server and spread the word

How do we know your loyal?: You can give me a test to see what i will do and i will do it to my fullest ability.

So there is my application for being a GM. Hope i get accepted Very Happy
If u have any questions, contact me, u can add me on msn, i accept most people.


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