Xtreme's GM application

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Xtreme's GM application

Post  Xtreme on Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:22 am

In-Game Name:Xtreme


Time Zone: UTC/GMT +10 hours

Languages spoken: english, little italian , little japanese

Activity Time: i play on the computer around 6 hours daily (lol im no -life)

Age: im 13

What I can do for the server:i can help the server by banning hackers and making all players legit.i can make alot of good rules and this server to be the best it can be

Why I should be hired:i should be hired because i am very legit and VERY LOYAL .i spend alot of time on gunz pservers and it would be a dream of mine to become a GM on serialgunz

What are you going to do to improve the community?: i can improve the community by bringing lotsss of ppl to this server. AND I MEAN HEAPS.

How do we know your loyal? you will tell im loyal because how much time i will spend on the server
What Am I going to do for the forum: i can help the forum by stoppoing spams and no gravediggers. i will make it as good as it can be. ill try my best to keep obusive language,raciscm etc out of this forum.

IN IJJI: name iownu511 ex clans no-limit , headshooT,winland , (quit gunz)

Very Happy


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