Unique's Admin Application

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Unique's Admin Application

Post  Unique on Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:04 pm

In-Game Name: Unique

Location: Ontario Canada

Time Zone: Eastern Time

Languages spoken: English

Activity Time: Active time will be between 2:40 pm to 10:00 pm usually between there because homework and other games but i will play atleast 2 or 3 hours a day

Age: 16

What I can do for the server: There is a bunch of stuff i can do for this server... I can promote the server, which will get alot more people to join, i can ban hackers, i can host activities for the Players to enjoy and i can help people as much as i can.

Why I should be hired: I think i should be hired because i've had experience being an admin and mod on many servers before and because i am helping and caring person and i would not be a stupid admin who wastes there powers on stupid things.

What are you going to do to improve the community?: I will help as many people I can, host events to have fun, I will promote this server.

How do we know your loyal? You dont know I am loyal, but i dont think i would lie, and if you do not think im loyal you can alwas give me a chance at being a admin, the main thing you can look forward to is me helping out players.


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