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Post  M60BOY on Sun Oct 04, 2009 4:38 am

Hey guys,
I'm M60BOY...
(ok that was boring)
Ill tell a lil bit about my life Razz

My real name is Mark..
I am 17 years old..
I live in Holland/Netherlands.
I'm studying to be a Programmer.
I worked in alot forums and games.
My cousin also had 3/4 Private servers (made with friends).. [ like, (GunzP) Satan GunZ, LG GunZ, alot of MoparScape servers and lots more Smile
I won a couple prizes at Games [like Soldier Front] and at real live [things about computers, internet, web, programming, etc.]
I work alot with Photoshop and edit alot of things... I also make Banners, signatures/tags, avatars and lots more with Photoshop.

Thats a litle bit about me:)
Hope you wont hate me:)
If you are good with me i will be good with you...
I also hope that everyone will post their Introduction Smile
You can post for more information Smile

You can reach me for any help by PMíng me or just send me an email by: oguzhan.k@live.nl

[Btw, can you delete the other post... i thought i was logged in..]


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Re: ~-~-~->M60BOY

Post  MasterDisaster on Sun Oct 04, 2009 10:29 am

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