Ronaldo's Head Gm Apply

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Ronaldo's Head Gm Apply

Post  Ronaldo on Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:56 am

In-Game Name: Ronaldo

Location: New York City

Time Zone: (GMT-5:00)

Languages spoken: English

Activity Time:

Mondays - Fridays - (about 3PM-8PM/10PM)
Saturdays - Sundays - Active throughout the day.

Age: 19

Applying For: Head GameMaster

What I can do for the server:

- Everything that any GM obviously must do. (Ban Hackers, Warn/Ban Spammers/Help In-Game lobby/Help in-forums/etc)

- Spammers will get 3 warnings (I'm a three strike man)
1. First Warning - Tell them to shut it.
2. Second Warning - Seriously don't spam.
3. Third Warning - D/C
4. Fourth - Banned (if continues spamming)

- Always help in lobbies. (I am usually in lobbies more then I play)
- Helping on forums ( Basically extremely active on forums )
- Keep players updated on new events/news regarding the server.
- Stop the flame wars.

Why I should be hired:

- I'm always on GunZ private Server's.
- I'm a dedicated member since 2008.
- I have experienced alot of all GunZ's situations.
- I know how to act mature when I should be. I am a fun person though.
- I wouldn't ever abuse my powers or let someone go if they are my friend. Everyone is equal.
- I'm rather known in-game.
- I don't start fights with people, instead I take action to end them.


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