xNinJa for GM !

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xNinJa for GM !

Post  xNinJa on Wed Oct 28, 2009 6:01 pm

GameMaster Format: Btw my name is Ryan.

In-Game Name:When the server is released xNinJa


Time Zone:EST

Languages spoken:English,French and Chinese

Activity Time:6-7 hours. If i have a lot of homework probably around 4-5 hours


What I can do for the server:
-Well i can advertise servers were advertising is allowed
-Not just only advertising the server. Helping new comers and make them feel welcomed to the community.

Why I should be hired:
I should be hired because i feel as being GM i can really make a difference to the server i mostly won't be playing just helping people with their questions or take some peoples suggestions.And if someone is really angry at the server i won't get mad and rage at them just calm them down slowly and see what i can do to help them out.

What are you going to do to improve the community?:Well i kind of explained this in the "What i can do the the server" But other than advertising get most of the people to play with me and even though they aren't going to be gm they would help me spread the word about this new server. I will not give details about server since im just applying and don't know that much about this server/community.

How do we know your loyal? Well first of all you really won't know if i'm loyal because this just an application and a lot of people will say anything to be GM. But i will tell you this a lot of the previous things are what i will do and be very loyal no matter what. Very Happy

Thanks, Ryan

Oh forgot 1 thing Msn: iwonown123@hotmail.com


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