[TUTORIAL]Agent Error Fix

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[TUTORIAL]Agent Error Fix

Post  xplaya on Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:06 pm

If you use a router (I and II are used only for routers)

I.You get NAT because your router blocks the gunz port and u have to unlock it.

-You can try to PORT FORWARD. [www.portforward.com]

There you have to choose your router model and the game/program you
want to portforward.In this case we want to PortForward Gunz.

* Portforward.com provides you tips how to portforword gunz on every Router Model.

II. Go to your router main page(mine is: -depends of the model
of router- and disable Firewall/NAT.
If you can`t disable.. use DMZ HOST.(This unblocks all of your ports)

* Just a side note: A lot of Router Main Pages is
* I recommand to use DMZ Host. It does not unblock just gunz ports, it opens all your ports.

How to configure DMZ HOST.

Step 1:Go on Start->Run->cmd-> Ip config.
Step 2:There you will see an Ip Adress( My router provides me:*Depends on every Model
Step 3:Go on your router main page(Mine is
Step 4:Log in.
Default is:
Step 5:Search for DMZ Host.
Step 6:There put the ip that the router gave you * Step 1 and Step 2.
Step 7:Tick enable then press apply/ ok Here you are Done.
Step 8:Enjoy playing DarKGunZ without getting NAT.

If You connect through a modem/you connect directly to the internet.

III. If you your computer connects directly to the
internet(No Modem/Router) and you get NAT / you find out that your
ports are blocked (Ex:Bitcomet) contact your internet provider and tell
them to open your ports.

IV.Disable your Firewall.(From windows/Anti-virus.)

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